Individual Coaching

I wanted to discover myself more and answer existential questions and feel calmer with my overthinker personality.

Eveline's coaching has made me feel so much more at peace in situations that seem overwhelming or stressful by gaining perspective. Our coaching has helped me to be more present in what I do and I feel so much more confident.  

If you are considering working with Eveline I would tell you that she is awesome, her guidance changed my life. You will learn to live more deeply. And I would also say: one does not lose anything by trying out new things!


Group Coaching & Workshop Facilitation 

I had the privilege, pleasure, and honour of working with Eveline recently, and I was astounded by how much her group coaching catalyzed growth and observable, internal paradigm shifts. She was our/my shepherd/guide/oracle, gently leading us to greater self-awareness, empowerment, and a sense of personal responsibility and agency. Working with her reinforced that I have a voice and should use it. Thank you Eveline. I am so grateful to have worked with you. 

Julie W. Barker, Contracting Counsel Manager
(took part in a 6 week Executive Group Coaching Programme)