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Nothing to fix

There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing to fix. 

What has happened is that you have started believing that your thoughts and feelings are who you are.

And that you are governed by what happened to you in the past and what that says about you. 

But that's simply not the truth.

You are so much bigger than your thinking and emotions. And capable of so much more than what you are living right now.

The good news is, you don't even have to believe me!

We will explore it together in our sessions. So you can experience it for yourself.

I am not the person who is going to 'fix' you or give you lots of strategies to help you 'work on yourself'. I'm pretty sure you have already tried loads of things to do that. But somehow they aren't working. That is because they are not addressing the root cause of the issue.

What I will do is help you get an understanding of how the human experience works.

Together we will explore how this is showing up for you right now, in every moment of your life. And how this is causing you stress, a feeling of lacking purpose, and maybe even anxiety or hopelessness.​

And how to let that be, so you can rest in a place of clarity and wisdom. 

Ironically, it is always in these moments where we want things to move forward quickly, that it is beneficial to stop and pause. 

To take time for yourself and to understand what it is you really are.

I support you in this deep exploration, at your own pace. Real change only comes when it is rooted in your own wisdom. Together we take a look at how you can connect to your true self again, so you can create that future that you desire.

This type of work is not for everyone. It requires a willingness to let go of long held beliefs and the courage to take radical responsibility for your own experience of life. The life you currently live is the result of your creation. Taking ownership of this is the only way to create something else. I will support you in doing this, in a loving space without judgment.

How does it work?

My coaching programmes are bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs.

Programmes typically range from 6 to 12 months. I have clients who choose to work with me for longer as the depth of our work takes us to another level of possibility and creation. Sessions are held in person in Hastings Old Town (UK) or over zoom. For the duration of the programme I will be in your life, taking a stand for you and all that is possible.

I am 100% committed to you. I create safety for you to be honest with me, and more honest with yourself than ever before. I come from a loving, trusting and non-judgemental space inside of me.

We will work together if:

- You bring 100% commitment to our work together. To commit to shifts that are required on the inside, and take actionable steps to effect change. It is okay to feel fear, we will explore it and create a more courageous you. 

- You are coachable. By this I mean you are willing and open minded to see something different. To see how we create our world from the inside, out. You are willing to consider the possibility that what you think is reality might not be. You are open to have your entire belief system, every assumption you carry about yourself, others and the world suspended in-front of you, unpacked, explored and challenged. 

- You are ready for something greater for your life and to take responsibility for making the changes you desire.

"Life isn't about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself.

So live the life you imagined."

Henry David Thoreau