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Coaching with Eveline

Helping you make the switch from Reactor to Conscious Creator


Hi, welcome.


My name is Eveline. 

I help you find inner calm, confidence and clarity 

so that you can live a stress-free life, 

with happy relationships and meaningful work.

In short: a wholehearted, vibrant life!


Not in the traditional way, by talking endlessly about the past or overwhelming you with tools and techniques that only trigger your thinking mind and feel like effort. 

We will have transformative conversations, that point you to a deep understanding of how life works and how we as human beings create our own experience.


By connecting in open dialogue and looking at how this plays out in your life, you will gain insights that shift your consciousness and ensure lasting results.


When  you truly understand the logic behind your behaviours, the behaviours change almost effortlessly.

This moves you from confusion to clarity.

From stress and anxiety to inner peace.

From overthinking to using your inner wisdom and intuition.

From feeling isolated and different to feeling deeply connected to other people.

From not seeing a purpose in life to finding joy and meaning in every moment.

Who am I?

Executive and Life Coach, Psychotherapist & Facilitator

For those who are curious...

Here is a bit more information about my background and what I stand for: 

I was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1983 as the oldest child in a family of four. In 2006 I graduated with a Masters in Germanic Literature, with an additional Masters in Teaching and one in Business Communication. I started working in recruitment (Human Resources), but soon felt I longed for deeper interactions with people and decided to retrain and change my career.

Combining work and studies for 4 years, I graduated as an Integrative Psychotherapist at the Educational Academy (member of the European Association of Psychotherapy - EAP). I also completed a year-long course as a professional coach with the BAO Group. I have been professionally active as a coach and facilitator since 2009. I consider these activities a continuation of my passion for stories: in the many encounters with people, at a crossroads in their lives, I provide support while witnessing their struggle with universal themes such as meaning, purpose, fear, love, friendship, betrayal, death and loneliness. By learning to be present to these emotions, people feel empowered to let go of what does not serve them and move towards creating a meaningful life aligned with what they feel is important.


I attach a lot of importance to continuously investing in my personal and professional development via additional workshops and trainings, such as:

- Principle Psychology or Three Principles (Kaizen training, Hertfordshire)

- Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR, London)

- Facilitator Voice Dialogue (Voice Dialogue Institute, Belgium)

- Adaptive Intelligence (Institute for Neurocognitivism, Belgium)

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) (ACT Academy, Belgium)

- Creative therapeutic use of stories (Educational Academy, Belgium)

- Solution focused coaching (Educational Academy, Belgium)

- Mindfulness training (Educational Academy, Belgium)

- Bio-energetic body work (Institute for BodyMind Integration, Belgium)

In the summer of 2019 I moved to Hastings, to create a life here together with my English partner.

I provide this info to reassure you that I have received the proper training to work with people. However all of these methodologies and tools are not what truly matters.

The most important thing to make a personal development process work is the relationship between you and your coach. 

That you feel you can be open, and that there is enough safety for you to share yourself.

And that you have enough trust in the person and the process.

For me, curiosity and compassion are two attitudes I value highly in relation to the people I work with. I will not hesitate to confront you in a gentle and playful way, so as to invite lightness and creativity to situations that sometimes feel heavy and void of options. One of my big drivers is a passion for clarity and helping people get in touch with their own strength.

If this resonates, please reach out and give me a call or send me a message via the 'practical' tab.

Studying at Home
Taking Notes

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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