Hi, welcome.


My name is Eveline. 

I help you find inner calm, confidence and clarity 

so that you can live a stress-free life, 

with happy relationships and meaningful work.

In short: a wholehearted, vibrant life!


Not in the traditional way, by talking endlessly about the past or overwhelming you with tools and techniques that only trigger your thinking mind and feel like effort. 

We will have transformative conversations, that point you to a deep understanding of how life works and how we as human beings create our own experience.


By connecting in open dialogue and looking at how this plays out in your life, you will gain insights that shift your consciousness and ensure lasting results.


When  you truly understand the logic behind your behaviours, the behaviours change almost effortlessly.

This moves you from confusion to clarity.

From stress and anxiety to inner peace.

From overthinking to using your inner wisdom and intuition.

From feeling isolated and different to feeling deeply connected to other people.

From not seeing a purpose in life to finding joy and meaning in every moment.


You have somehow landed on this page.

Maybe you are looking for help for someone who is dear to you.

Or maybe you feel like you need some support yourself. 

Things haven't been okay lately.

Maybe they haven't been okay for a while.

Maybe for a long time.

Let me support you​

Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck?


That you are not living life the way you would like to?

Like it seems to be going okay for other people, but somehow for you things are different?

The same patterns seem to win over and over again and it is difficult to get out of the negative cycle.

What if I told you there is nothing wrong with you?


Wait, hear me out.

There might be that voice inside your head that is now telling you what I'm saying is wrong.

Maybe it is just a quiet whisper. Maybe it is a loud voice. Maybe it is even saying all of this in less pleasant words :)

That's fine. Just let that voice say what it wants. But keep reading.

What if I told you every one of us has the innate capacity for balance and well-being.


So yes, you included.

Nothing to fix, just to explore and remember

There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing to fix. 

What has happened is that you have started believing that your thoughts and feelings are who you are.

And that you are governed by what happened to you in the past and what that says about you. 

But that's simply not the truth.

You are so much bigger than your thinking and emotions. And capable of so much more than what you are living right now.

The good news is, you don't even have to believe me!

We will explore it together in our sessions. So you can experience it for yourself.

I am not the person who is going to 'fix' you or give you lots of strategies to help you 'work on yourself'. I'm pretty sure you have already tried loads of things to do that. But somehow they aren't working. That is because they are not addressing the root cause of the issue.

What I will do is help you get an understanding of how the human experience works.

Together we will explore how this is showing up for you right now, in every moment of your life. And how this is causing you stress, a feeling of lacking purpose, and maybe even anxiety or hopelessness.

And how to let that be, so you can rest in a place of clarity and wisdom. 

Ironically, it is always in these moments where we want things to move forward quickly, that it is beneficial to stop and pause. 

To take time for yourself and to understand what it is you really are.

I support you in this deep exploration, at your own pace. Real change only comes when it is rooted in your own wisdom. Together we take a look at how you can connect to your true self again, so you can create that future that you desire.

Maybe that voice inside still doesn't believe any of this.

But a part of you knows it's true, or is at least curious enough to reach out.

Welcome. It's lovely to meet you.

Come and explore.