What are you currently dealing with?


I can provide support around these topics:

Nature and climate

  • dealing with the current Corona virus pandemic

  • eco-anxiety and emotional suffering related to the crisis of globalisation

  • developing a sustainable lifestyle

  • remedying alienation from nature

  • how to interact with others regarding this topic


Stress and tension

  • too much stress (whether or not related to work,

      burn-out, financial worries)

  • not enough stress (bore-out, fatigue, listlessness)

  • sleep problems

  • restlessness, difficulty to relax

  • time management and getting organised



  • anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares

  • relationship issues, unwantedly single

  • loneliness

  • feelings of worthlessness, meaninglessness



  • relationships at work (colleague, manager, employee …)

  • doubts about future career and which route to take

  • work/life balance


Loss and mourning

  • divorce, break-up

  • loss, dealing with death

  • childlessness

  • job loss, missing out on an important project at work



  • retirement

  • ageing

  • ‘empty nest’ syndrome (children left the house)

  • moving house

  • change in status