Sat, 09 May | Saturday morning session, online via Zoom

The Work that Reconnects, May 9th

We live in a time of both peril and promise, and exist at the intersection. How do we tap into the wisdom that will carry us through these next generations? What can we rest into? What tools can we organize? What can we learn from these tragedies? Explore these questions in a supporting environment.
This workshop is fully booked
The Work that Reconnects, May 9th

Time & Location

09 May 2020, 09:30 – 12:45 BST
Saturday morning session, online via Zoom

About the Event

What is this about?

The Work that Reconnects is an interactive body of work developed by Joanna Macy, a scholar and respected elder in systems theory, deep ecology and ancient wisdom traditions. Its purpose is to help people connect to their love and pain for this world so we can prepare to take part in its healing. 

We live in a time of both peril and promise, and exist at the intersection. Many people are troubled by the way that our society seems to propagate separation from others and the severe damage that is being done to the earth and other living beings. The coronavirus specifically confronts us with the fragility of our current societal model and the fact that we are all dependent on each other for our survival.

Because we feel powerless, this pain often leads to feelings of guilt or denial. It can result in turning inward and numbing ourselves because we feel we cannot cope with it all anymore. But when we deny or suppress our pain for the world, we undermine our innate ability to contribute to its healing.  


What happens in the workshop?

In this workshop we explore our inner responses to the condition of our world and prepare to take part in its healing. 

How do we tap into the wisdom that will carry us through these next generations? What can we rest into? What tools can we organise? What can we learn from these tragedies? 

We will create a space to touch our grief for what is happening to our world, expand our perspectives, and emerge with a new sense of how we want to show up with our gifts in this unique time in history.  


In the online 'Work that Reconnects' workshops we move together as a group through Joanna Macy's framework called 'The Spiral'. In this first workshop we will focus on the first two elements, ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Honouring our Pain for This World’. You are welcome (but not obliged) to take part in a follow-up workshop, where we will take more time to dive deeper into the next two stages: 'Seeing with New Eyes' and 'Going Forth'. This will take place on Saturday, May 16th.


How to take part?

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 15 people so secure your space by booking on here or sending me an e-mail at If you cannot make it, please cancel your booking so your place can be opened up again for another participant as places on these workshops are precious. 

The event will take place online via Zoom, you will receive an e-mail with personal link you click at the start of the workshop. You will need a laptop with stable internet connection and webcam. Participating with smartphone is possible but it might limit you a bit during exercises. The session will be ‘closed’ at the start, so please ensure you click the Zoom link in good time for a prompt start. 

Exchange : To make this workshop accessible for everyone, it works with the principle of donation. This means you pay what you feel is fair and in line with your experience and gratitude for what you received.  


**If you are currently in crisis emotionally or psychologically, this session might not be appropriate. In case you are feeling overwhelmed, or think that you might be at risk because of these emotions, it is recommended to book a private therapy session.**

For more information have a look at For questions please contact me via


"'The work that reconnects-online' was a beautiful opportunity to spend time sharing with others in an open and honest safe space. Having time to see and be seen, hear and be heard gave me a sense of grounding and calm. It was a time to express some emotions and allow myself to let go a little. I believe that we all innately need and want connection and that open-hearted connection leads to transformation. It is a testament to Eveline that even in a short 3-hour online session I had a really meaningful experience with the other participants."

"Eveline held a really beautiful space to facilitate this work, we were able to safe while exploring these tender topics. The group setting, even amongst 'strangers', is so beneficial - sharing, being witnessed and heard as we work through this. Saying that, there was no pressure to open up beyond our comfort levels. This feels like important work that we must all keep doing."

"The workshop with Eveline was a valuable opportunity to open up to our deep connection with the world and one another, through expressing our gratitude and grief at this time of change. Eveline's assured facilitation created a supportive space for us to share and connect."


"This course was an invaluable way to begin sharing thoughts and experiences relating to climate breakdown and the ecological emergency we face. I completed this course at time when the world is battling coronavirus and normal life is paused. As we self-isolate in our homes and have the time to stop and reflect on life, the online format of this course facilitated a powerful and emotional human connection. By sharing my thoughts and hearing the experiences of others, I found some renewed hope for the future and sensed there is a better way to live and appreciate the present."

This workshop is fully booked

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