What happens in a session?

As I already said we are not going to 'fix' you.

I will ask you to share what you are currently dealing with, and you will convey this as best you can. Even if it is without words or step by step because it is difficult to share it all at once.

I will listen to you with an open mind and heart, and will ask questions or offer alternative ways to help you express how you experience your situation.

We might explore some exercises so you can try out different approaches, rather than just talking about what is going on.

We will investigate what is currently not working for you and your relationship with your own thinking and inner world. You will learn to connect to your own inner wisdom and get clarity on what to do. 


In some cases it may be helpful to gain some insight into your personal history. This can bring unconscious patterns to light and make you more aware when you bring them into your present situation. Another possible approach is that we focus more on the future you want to create and how you can reach the goals you set for yourself without getting in your own way.



We will discuss the process together. On average, we will take some time after 5 sessions to evaluate from both sides: how are you feeling about the approach, what works well and what does not, and what needs more or less attention. 

This way we can both decide how to move forward together.  

Tools and interventions

This type of therapy will be interactive, which means I do not just sit and listen while you talk.


Different ways of working are possible:


- conversation

- experiential exercises (focusing, bodywork, ...)

- creative work with pictures, drawings or other materials 

- constellations with paper or objects

- mindfulness exercises and meditation

- stories and parables

- walking in nature

- ...


We will discuss and agree on things you can do at home.  



I regularly organise group workshops focusing on specific topics. You can find them under the tab 'practical' on this website or sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

It can be incredibly supportive and beneficial to share experiences with people who are going through similar things in their life.

Topics include:

- how to manage your inner critic

- bio-energetic bodywork

- radical self-compassion

- crucial conversations

- dealing with toxic behaviours